Useful Information

We have prepared some useful information below, that will help you find “Selmunett”. Click on any of the headings below to read further.

“Selmunett” is easy to locate using any mapping application on your phone such as Google Maps, Apple Maps and Waze

You then need to enter the Villa Selmunett, located at 22, TRIQ E. BRADFORD, in-Naxxar

It is normal if we are expecting guests to arrive at night we leave the entrance drive-in lights on so that the house is easily found. In the event of having problems en route kindly contact us. If possible, give us a call when you start your trip towards Villa Selmunett to inform us of your arrival.

For those who wish to hire a car and arrive at a sensible time we can arrange for the car to be delivered to Villa Selmunett and wait your arrival followed by minimal check in formalities and within minutes you could be away visiting the island.

On the other hand if you arrive in the middle of the night the car will be delivered the following day after breakfast and here again within minutes you could be away visiting the island.

The best taxi services are via apps such as eCabs, Bolt or Uber. You will need to book your transportation via the apps, towards “Villa Selmunett”, Triq E. Bradford, Naxxar NXR 2216.

When you go through immigration and you arrive in the Arrivals area you go to The Public Transport Desk, here tell them where you are going “NAXXAR” and they will explain which bus you need to take, it is NOT a direct bus you will need to change Busses before you arrive in Naxxar and if you intend using the Busses throughout your stay here you can purchase tickets that are valid for your entire stay in Malta.

If you come across any difficulty to find us, please call us on +356 9999 4735