About Us

‘Villa Selmunett’ is a charming family-run luxury homestay in Naxxar, Malta

The property is located on the edge of the village of Naxxar, which is more or less in the center of the island and very conveniently located for those of you who wish to visit our Historical sites which are located in all corners of the island. However having said that we are also conveniently located for those of you who wish to partake in water sports, sailing or just plain swimming as here again these locations are also in all corners of the island.

We suggest to our guests that it is easier to get around if you hire a self-drive car, which can easily be done, either through your own connections or better still we can provide this service for you.

However we do understand that there are guests who do not drive or are unhappy in driving on the other side of the road, so it is of course possible to take the local busses, which are modern, comfortable, air conditioned and have on-board wifi service. These travel to all corners of the island and one can easily use Naxxar as a base to get around. It is a mere 10 minute walk into Naxxar to get the bus and it is quite easy as if you are going south, you get the bus from just outside the church and if you are going north from the center of Naxxar just outside the Bank. We have maps and schedules that you can consult to help you get around and seasonal tickets can be purchased on arrival at the airport or in Valletta at one of the travel booths in the terminus.

There are also those of you who are more active and are happy to take bicycles or scooters, here again we have our contacts and can put you in the right direction quite easily. In the case of bicycles we can arrange to have them delivered before you arrive, with all the safety equipment that one could require, from helmets, and security lights to locks and racks if necessary.

We have docking systems in both bedrooms in order to charge Smart phones via USB. Malta’s’ plugs are as in the UK however we also have continental adaptors for charging Laptops, Cameras and other essentials. We also have flat-screen televisions in each room so one can follow world events and news if one wishes.