What to see & do

It is impossible to give details of all there is to see and do in Malta, especially without knowing what you are particularly interested in. However, below listed are the main sites that are really worth seeing during your stay.

There are many web sites, which give more information, and you can find some of them below:

In large countries a lot of time is wasted in travelling from one place to another. Malta doesn’t require a lot of travelling to get to see interesting places, or just to go for a dip in the sea. Distances are short (it takes less than an hour to travel between the two further points) and there isn’t another place in Europe that offers such a high concentration of historic sites, Neolithic temples, beaches, holiday resorts and places of entertainment (restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs, cinemas, festivals etc.). You’ll wish you’d have known about Malta earlier!

Despite Malta being so small it has many artistic treasures. Most of them are a legacy from the times of the Knights. Each Knight was expected to give a gift to the Order on being elected to a higher position and each would try and outdo the previous one. They also wanted to show the rest of Europe the financial power of the Order. The gifts of the new Grand Masters are now priceless.

  • The set of magnificent tapestries hanging in St. John’s Cathedral Museum are costing over one million euro just to restore. Another set are available to see in the Grand Master’s Palace. Visit https://www.stjohnscocathedral.com
  • Heritage Malta is the national agency for museums, conservation practice and cultural heritage. It also takes care of the Neolithic temples of Malta. http://www.heritagemalta.com
  • The organization http://www.dinlarthelwa.org – (in English ‘this sweet land’ and the first three words of the National Anthem) is the guardian of many historic properties open to the public such as chapels, watch towers , cemetery and fortified country houses all over Malta.
  • Another local heritage site is http://www.wirtartna.org (which means Our Land’s Heritage.)
  • There are a lot of festivals throughout the year; musical, traditional, cultural, heritage, agricultural to mention a few. Check them out on http://www.visitmalta.com forthcoming events and on http://www.whatson.com.mt.
  • On your arrival at the airport there are ‘What’s on’ booklets available at the tourist office and often given out to tourists as they enter the Arrival lounge.

People used to think that Malta was an island for the more mature person, but Malta really is an Island for any age and any person whether for singles, couples, families or students. The people are warm and friendly – if you don’t find this to be true, stop and think: were you pleasant to them? If you start up a conversation with them, you will find them helpful and friendly.

There are Promenades for gentle strolls, beaches and beach clubs, historic sites, country walks, diving and snorkelling, quaint villages, splendid views, clubbing and night bars, cafes and bars for relaxing, restaurants of all descriptions, paragliding and rock climbing, world renowned bastions and fortifications… and all within easy reach as Malta is so small.

This is a list of the most popular and important sites in Malta – but do take the time and go through the lists given above as there is so much more to see and do than is possible to describe in one article.

Our Top Picks


The medieval capital of Malta the second must see. It is called the Silent City and its narrow, winding streets opening onto squares and magnificent view over the bastions are splendid. See the Mdina Forum Top Questions for detailed descriptions of all there is to see.


It is not really a tower but a fortified country house; Built as a defence against invasion by the Turks. You enter into a round domed room with four rooms leading out. The shape is like a cross. There is a staircase leading to the roof with a lovely view. In the moat is a Roman tomb.


Across the harbour from Valletta are the cities of Birgu (Vittoriosa) Cospicua (Bormla) Senglea (L-Isla). Cospicua is a residential town with not as much to recommend but the other two have a rich history. Birgu in particular has a newly renovated Waterfront with bars and restaurants, museums and Second World War Air Raid Shelter with its Malta at War Museum. This area of Malta is well worth visiting as it is still quite unspoilt.

A town adjoining Mdina and where your bus will stop you when you visit Mdina. There are fascinating catacombs well worth visiting. There is also a Roman house with small museum that is worth visiting also. There is a tourist train that takes you round the area.


Here you will see the largest cannon in the world and is still fired. There are re-enactments and guided tours. Transport from Barakka Gardens when the cannon is fired there at noon.


There are a number of public gardens which are very well kept and very enjoyable both for the keen gardener and for those of you looking for somewhere to relax in a shady environment.


These Temples predate the Pyramids and Stonehenge in the UK. They will make you realize that Malta was one of the first countries to carry out these engineering miracles and its civilization is amongst the oldest in the world. The Hypogeum, a vast underground cavern carved out by hand thousands of years ago requires pre booking as only a very limited number of visitors are allowed. Booking from Heritage Malta.


These are parallel channels in pairs or groups found in San Gwann, San Pawl Tat-Targa* Naxxar and Rabat/Dingli. It is still a mystery why and how they were constructed but it is thought the purpose was to transport heavy rocks. Some lead to the sea, to cliff edges and carry on under the sea. San Gwann is between Naxxar and Sliema. They are popularly known as Clapham Junction. Malta has most of these ruts of the whole world. http://www.cartrutsmalta.com is a fascinating site that attempts to solve the mystery.


One of the biggest shelters in Malta and is more than 225m long. Life the other shelters, entirely dug by hand. A number of families spent many hours in terror praying for their safety. Children were brought up in these shelters.

Church Square, Mgarr / Tel: 21 573235

It so happens that the Shelter in located in the basement of “Il Barri” Restaurant an excellent place to eat something local in very clean surroundings.


A cemetery set within the Msida Bastions just outside Valletta near the Hotel Excelsior. You can enjoy unique views of the waters of Marsamxetto Harbour with Fort Manoel on Manoel Island and Msida Creek across the water. Its restoration earned Din l-art Helwa the prestigious Silver Medal by Europa Nostra.


At Ta Qali near the Crafts Village and Rabat. The museum is a living and working museum which is a prime attraction for all family members of all ages. It exhibits a collection of around 18 aircraft, aircraft engines, airfield equipment, uniforms, model aircraft and much more. Obviously, it is even more of a must for World War II fanatics.


Learn about the history of Malta’s leading brewery as well as the brewing house and the bottling hall. Having learned all about the production of the beer, the tour ends with a chance for your taste buds to experience local beer. For further information please visit: http://www.farsons.com


Malta has a number of local wine makers that are justly proud of their produce. If you are a wine connoisseur or are just interested in trying some local produce then you can. arrange a visit to one of the vineyards in Malta here you can experience how wine is made in Malta and even get to taste the various flavours. For further information please visit the following for further information. http://www.meridiana.com.mt or http://www.delicata.com or http://www.camilleriwines.com and generally http://www.malta-wine.com.


Are a unique insight into Maltese culture. Especially in certain villages and towns, there are a number of people totally dedicated throughout the year working to improve the annual feast day of the village’s patron saint. There are band marches, stalls and impressive fireworks displays. A procession also takes place with the saint’s statue. In many villages the religious aspect seems to have taken second place with the profane celebration the most popular. If you are here during the Festa season, try and visit one of the many http://www.maltadiocese.org.


Is located near the village of Siggiewi http://www.limestoneheritage.com – 8 min audio-visual then a guided tour which offer you life like dioramas, waterfall, Punic tomb and an ancient fossilized seabed. You will be able to see a quarry and how craftsmen carve designs from limestone. There is a citrus grove, where peacocks and other Maltese fauna roam about freely or in the cafeteria. Folklore nights on Fridays – transport included Bus no. 89 from Valletta – transport available to Hagar Qim, Blue Grotto and Mdina.


The most popular depart from the Sliema Ferries. There are various companies to choose from. The boats go round the Grand Harbour and you’ll get a good insight of Malta’s history. http://www.captainmorgan.com.mt.


If you don’t mind getting up reasonably early in the mornings, the blue grotto is great when you get there slightly before opening hours and take some time to watch the men hoist their boats down the long ramp into the water. That alone is worth seeing and then you will likely get the first boat all to yourself and a private trip to the caves before the crowds arrive. The boats won’t run if the sea is too rough. It is quite near Hagar Qim, and is a small inlet protecting the colourful local fishing craft (perhaps making more money now by transporting tourists around the “blue grotto”). You will see beautiful clear blue sea in the caves. One of the very few Blue Grotto’s in Europe.


There is a large collection of model cars and photo’s on display. The classic cars themselves are spread out on two floors and a few of them are actually for sale. The owner is a car fanatic and has been collecting cars since he was a child (the model cars of course). There is also a small cinema, gift shop and cafeteria. http://www.classiccarsmalta.com.


A 2 hour live show with over 50 performers, horses, dancing, singing and battle scenes. Visit http://www.malta1565.com.


Hop on hop off bus which leaves from the Sliema Ferries. There are Two different routes. There is free transport from near Santana Hotel in Bugibba to Sliema Ferries http://www.citysightseeing.com.mt/en/home.htm


This film set located near Paradise Bay has several activities such as: use of Splash Pool, Sun Beds, Play pool, Boat Trip round Anchor Bay, Water Trampolines, Wine Tasting. Adults might see it as rather tacky but kids enjoy it.


There are many museums in Valletta, but this is one of the most popular especially for those not all that interested in the arts/culture. It is situated in Fort St Elmo at the bottom of Valletta and has recently been completely renovated. It is a fascinating place and gives an insight to the sufferings of Malta during the War.

Malta National Aquarium

The Malta National Aquarium project is spread over approximately 20,000 square meters and consists of an Aquarium, a public landscaped belvedere on the promenade, a multi-storey car park, facilities for local dive schools, catering facilities including a beach club, a merchandise outlet and a tourist information kiosk. Ideal for entertaining kids. https://www.aquarium.com.mt/

The Malta Experience 

The Malta Experience is an audio-visual show that tells the dramatic story of the islands’ 7000 year history. Educational, informative and entertaining, the show runs through the turbulent history of a small island nation that has overcome almost unimaginable odds to survive and prosper. Kindly speak to Roger for further information. https://themaltaexperience.com/

Palace Armoury – Grandmasters Palace

The Palace Armoury is one of the world’s greatest arms collections housed in their original buildings, with the most visible and tangible symbols of the past glories of the Sovereign Hospitallier Military Order of Malta (The Knights of St. John). https://heritagemalta.mt/explore/grand-masters-palace/